About Us

Continually Growing

Our mission is to extend and improve real lives, by giving ordinary people extraordinary access to their blood work and biomarkers. Bioreach is also committed to educate our clients on their results, empowering them to make well-informed choices about their health, and their future.

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The Bioreach Difference

We take a proactive approach

The traditional approach to medical care is often reactive. Traditionally, we wait to ask questions and to take action until after we experience symptoms- sometimes far too late. Bioreach now gives you the ability to make proactive decisions about your health- with fast, accurate and affordable clinical results in the comfort of your own home.

True Education

Introducing The BioTeach Platform

Along with your bloodwork, you have unprecedented access to BioTeach, the educational arm of Bioreach, which gives you an incredible amount of data and insights on each blood test. What could high or low levels mean? What could you do to affect positive changes in your bloodwork and overall health? Are you determined to work independently to get them to where you want them to be? Well, now you can. BioTeach can help you achieve the healthiest version of you.

The Bioreach Difference

How we started

Members of our founding team have long careers in clinical research and phlebotomy. As patients, we had to deal with a lack of education on our current health issues. This means that many times we had no idea why we were being treated the way we were.

We decided our life’s work was to bring affordable self-healthcare to the forefront by creating the nation’s premier provider of mobile specimen collection and blood testing. Bioreach wants to help you take control of your health destiny and your life.